Innocence of Memories

In the mid 1990′s, Orhan Pamuk had an idea: to write a novel in the form of a museum catalogue, while simultaneously building the museum to which it referred. The Plot of the novel would be reasonably straightforward: over many frustrating years, an unhappy lover (Kemal) contrives to steal a large number of objects belonging to his unattainable beloved (F├╝sun), after whose untimely death he proceeds to buy her family’s house and turn it into a museum dedicated to their affair.

So, in 1999, Pamuk bought a run-down house in a run-down neighborhood of Istanbul and began work on parallel projects -the writing of the novel and the building of the museum. The novel, The Museum of Innocence was published in 2008 and the museum, The Museum of Innocence, opened in Istanbul in April 2012. A beautiful, real museum housing real objects that trace a fictional affair. 83 exhibits, display boxes and vitrines correspond to the 83 chapters of the book.

An attempt to capture love’s time.




Author Orhan Pamuk

Writer/Director Grant Lee

Producer Janine Marmot (Hot Property Films)

Producer Keith Griffiths (Illuminations Films)

Co-Producer Andrew Freedman (Venom Films)