‘We are what we doodle’


There is an art form in which we all partake – artist and non-artist. We’ve been doing it since the Stone Age and every continent subscribes – crossing race and religious divides.


For some it’s a form of medi- tation, for others a career choice and for most it’s something we do regularly but never really notice. This is the story of one mans epic odyssey into the world of the doodle and the incredible stories he discovers along the way.


It’s a film that’s brought to life by the lively debate surrounding the doodles significance and the weird and wonderful visuals it encompasses. It’s a humorous voyage from the sub- conscious mind, to the corners of schoolbooks and beyond. Whatever your thoughts on the zany char- acters encountered along the way you’re guaranteed to take a closer examination of your daily doodling!



Duration: 90mins

Shooting format: Digibeta

Director: James Caddick

Producer: Andrew Freedman