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A journey of one man’s self-discovery, at times dream-like and strange, Sanctuary is a visual portrayal of the wounds of losing someone whom you loved but failed.


Jan is a successful Warsaw plastic surgeon with an unsuccessful home life: he and his wife live in the same house but are estranged; his daughter left home early and has no contact with him.


One day he returns from a business trip to find his wife dead in the back garden. Unable to cope with his daughter’s grief and resentment and his own heartache and guilt, he uses a conference abroad as a pretext to escape.


But there’s no escape from memory: a young woman who reminds him of his wife brings forth emotions that he doesn’t know how to deal with.


Duration: 84mins

Shooting format: Arri Alexa

Director: Norah McGettigan

Producer: Andrew Freedman

Staring: Jan Frycz, Anne-Marie Duff, Agnieszka Zulewska, Robert O'Mahoney, Agnieszka Mandat